Anybody been to Playa Blanca?

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine :slight_smile: Me and my friend are looking for a holiday and we’re looking at Playa Blanca,Lanzerote.Has anybody been? I’ve heard it’s very good for wheelchair users/walking difficulties? Can you recommend somewhere to stay? We’s on a budget so not too expensive.We want to be central and near an accessible beach.I’d be grateful of any info. Thanks Fiona x

Hi there,Playa Blanca is lovely. I have only visited it for the day as we stayed in a different part of Lanzarote but there is a lovely sandy beach,nice cafes,bars,restaurants. You might need to hire a car if you wanted to explore some more of the island but if you are content to stay in one place then I am sure you would be happy in Playa Blanca. It is a nice,fairly quiet resort. Hope you enjoy yourselves wherever you go. Cathy

I have been a few times its so nice, we are thinking of going next month, and are looking at the Playa Limones, one of my buddies on here has been and she recommends it,its near the beach and a lot of nice shops and restaraunts,you can find them on at a cheap rate.

Yes, we have been several times, although our favourite hotel there is not wheelie friendly, but we coped, so much so we are going back in December. There is a nice promenade between the marina and the town, then from the town to the other end of the resort, but it is not flat. There are some steepish bits which would be hard in a wheelchair. A lot of cobbles at the marina. A lack of dropped kerbs in places, but again we managed. I usually take or hire a scooter.