Hi everyone
I am lucky enough to be going to Lanzarote next week with my husband and mobility scooter!
We are hiring a car and hope to visit some of the tourist attractions. Can anyone recommend scooter friendly places to visit?
Many thanks

Sorry, never been, but if you have a spare ticket I’ll be very happy to come and try and find some good places for you!!! :lol: :lol:

I’ll keep dreaming, and buying lottery tickets!!

Jo x :wink:

hi Sue,
Hope you have a fab time in Lanzarote. Try visiting Playa Blanca which is very pretty and has a nice beach. If I remember correctly is relatively flat. If you go to the volcanic region they used to take people round it in a coach.

I have been to Lanzarote a few times and hired a scooter, the trouble is they don’t have many dropped kerbs in the places i went to! I’m thinking Costa Teguise, lovely flat promenade but no dropped kerb either end and really high kerbs.

Matagorda, near the airport, is better but dropped kerbs are still quite high and the local shopping centre had ramps equivalent to Mount Everest!!

Went to Majorca this year, Santa Ponsa, much better all round.


Playa Blanca is nice, but there is a lack of dropped kerbs in places, but I usually managed to find a way round. The Marina at Playa Blanca is nice.
I believe Costa Teguise is nice too - I’ve not been but a fellow mser and scooter user likes it so much she has been several times.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing the salesman who tells you a day trip to Fuerteventura is not a problem!

  1. There are 26 steps up to the ferry doors and no hoist, ramp or lift.

  2. The stops are so short it is not worth the effort of disembarking and getting the scooter out. I got out of the coach only twice, once for lunch and once at the Aloe Vera farm/factory. these were the only stops long enough to make it worth the effort.

Had a nice day there but it was very very difficult!!