did anyone see keith richards on bbc4 last night?

what a life!

what a guy!

carole x

I certainly did… can’t believe he’s still going, but he’s looking pretty good considering the abuse he’s put his body through over the years! Still rate Ronnie Wood as one of the better guitarists of the troupe, but Keef is an absolute legend!

i remember ronnie wood when he was in the faces.

although keef looks rough he’s still sexy!

anybody with a good guitar is sexy imho!

carole x

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It’s a bizarre thing, it seems that BBC4 have given Keith Richards a free hand for 3 nights. To put on whatever he likes and occasionally comment on things. We watched Tony Hancock in Keith’s company and laughed ourselves silly.


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gotta love keef!

And he’s back. Brilliant!

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our son, billy, who plays guitar but only for his own pleasure (selfish), watched it and was in stitches at some parts.

it makes for some great parent/child bonding (although he’s 27).

i think younger folk will be giving the stones a listen after watching it.

carole x