Bang Bang

Hi I’m getting really fed up with my carers, my life too I won’t be the only one. I now have to be hoisted to get up, not fun. My carers have managed to bang and scrape drawers and tables, door frames some with just the hoist others with me. Then asked where I got bruises from. Some of my carers are don’t care. Pay for 1/2 hour get 15 mins or less can’t remember when I had a shower so my hair was washed. I’m put in the chair and left for 14 hours just trying to shuffle. The good carers have left I’ll try for a social worker to move me too. The cost is high but it doesn’t go to the workers. I want to start my own agency but how to get up and running, carers have said they’ll go with me and bring the ones they look after. Only thing is managing to find affordable price with space I can get into. Sorry for the moan

Lost Angel

Oh eck Lost Angel! That`s a pickle to be sure!

Is your hoist the portable or ceiling type? I had a portable one and also used them on cruises and find them the most horrible object ever! Love my 2 ceiling hoists. It does bang the walls when returning to charge point…unless you hold it all the while…but there isnt always a spare hand for that.

Are you using agency carers or ones directly employed by you? I have the latter, paid by Direct Payments with a £40 weekly contribution from me.

I`ve had 3 agencies and they are all the same…agency owners who seem wonderful at first, but prove to be rubbish. Carers are fine, but gripe about bosses.

You shouldnt be paying for more than you`re getting.

I have 27 hours a week plus 2 sleepovers. Social worker re-assessed me last year.

You cant do a get up, shower and dressed in under 1.25 hours and then it can be a rush.

Direct Payments hasnt put carers wages up for the 9 years I`ve had them…still £9.07 in my area.

Starting your own agency wont be easy…a bit of minefield methinks. But good luck.


Hi Boudaci,

I have portable, carers say they are trained, not sure. The ones that knew have moved on to other agencies, some private. In a bungalow so would have to get the ceiling made fit for a hoist, money running out.

I use agency carers who seem to come when they want and do what they want. The agency say they are wrong and they’ll sort it never happens. The best ones left to a private agency and they are happier I heard today.

I have care morning and night pay 2 hrs a day just under £200.00 a week, they don’t even wipe their feet. I would love to start my own but your right it would be a minefield. I would want to pay good ones more, better working conditions and let them keep any presents they get. I can’t believe the low wage carers get, just over £8.00 here, no wonder some try it on. Husband will have to put me in shower again, he does a better job.

Can I ask if you are P? long time since I’ve been on here?

Lost Angel

Hi…you ask if I am P? you mean progressive? I have Spinal PPMS…22 years now!

Wanna pm me and I will to you?