I should have used carers years ago. Now I’m in the routine it’s another fix to make life easier. The situation can be challenging as I’ve had so many years of independence. Please understand that my observations are not criticisms.

Steve zzzzzzzzzzzz


Hi Steve zzzzzzzzzzzzz enjoyed reading about your take on carers. Been having them for going on 9 years mesen…apart from Boss Carer man…my hubby that its! Just started a new agency and had to start paying…costs a bomb to be defunct, innit! My new team consists of 3 lovely lasses plus their female boss…lots of interesting stories to hear…from Polish Repunzel to Ex cabin crew very tall Betty Boop, to Local lass Jayjay and the laid back Lulu. As you mightve suspected....names have been changed to protect the innocent!!! My old retainer of 8+ years Banana Bev (don't ask) still reigns supreme in the bum wiping stakes! This motley crew attend to all my whims and fancies (they cant touch you for it) and I hope your`s continue to flourish too and find out exactly how you like your tea! xxxxxxxxxxxPollsxxxxxxxxx

Steve I loved reading this , you really describe things well. I love the description of the child in assembly , it made me laugh …you should have seen Frazer in a full doctor’s waiting room last week when he brought back his breakfast …everyone avoids eye contact incase they get roped into cleaning up ! That was before I realized he was ill with a stomach full of frube wrappers. I felt areal admiration for you as you described your class of eleven year olds and wanted to say you are amazing …please dont feel any guilt over the ones you may not have understood as well . I constantly think of my children and how after having 7 of them , I wished I’d understand the first ones better. We can only do our best Steve. I’m so glad that you’ve got the carers …the word I’d use is humility its taught me humility having mine I dont need personal care but need a lot of support in the home …support to be a mum of young people with disabilities and the mess they leave . There have been times I’ve cried and felt so ashamed especially in the beginning. Now I have to say I love it …I have formed friendships and trust . Some are friends I knew already and some are agency workers . They have to be the right one Steve , not everyone is right, I once had a very patronising lady , it made me so miserable, I got rid of her after a few weeks , I also lost trust for her, but that’s another story. Do you receive Direct payments Steve ? I get them and it’s meant that I can have a bit of choice in who works here. I’m surprised that its costing you .Every year they assess me and say I dont have to contribute. Maybe because I’m not on esa just pips. Thanks again for entertaining us with your lovely blogs. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle, I have had carers for going on 9 years. Up until last November, I didn’t have to pay and the they suddenly wanted £82.22 a week from me towards the cost. We argued and got it down to £57.22 a week…we argued further…particularly about the fact that an OT said I needed a wet room and the council agreed to fund it, but took so long, we ended up getting a 9k bank loan to do the job…so they gave us a discount. We have to pay nearly £40 a week now. Pollxx

Just gotta change a name following complaints… Banana Bev doesn’t wish to be known as Banana Bev |(don’t ask) and prefers the name Beverlina Ballerina! Some folk are so touchy, innit!

Hi Poll , I wonder if its depends on the area , I get a letter every year telling me they’ve assessed my finances and my contribution is zero …I dont know how they work ot out but I’ve never applied for ESA. I always thought that if I had esa they would make me pay for the care and theres no point getting esa . I need the help at home so I’d rather have the package than esa money if you you understand what I mean . I dont think the system is fair , there are so many people being denied support and having pips taken away it’s awful. Its lovely to see you back on here Polly . Michelle and Frazer xx

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