Exhausting days

I so tired . I’ve still not got a Carer, me and Frazer with Lees help have interviewed a few now, on reading their profiles they sound amazing and I think, this is the one but within minutes of them being sat on my sofa, I know that they are not going to be right.I feel for them, some of them are so nervous. Each time the door bell goes I’m praying that it will be the one. I’m not being too choosy but they’ve got to be right, and I’ve got to be right for them too, it’s amazing how many want an easy job, they see Mollys bedroom and gulp,…that sorts the men from the boys !. I can’t pay cash in hand it’s got to go through audit and if I get it wrong I’ll be in trouble and have to pay the tax. It’s so hard. Frazer always gives them a good sniff, I felt so embarrassed as he licked the Fake tan of the knees of one that came last week. I felt so ill recently that my sister came over yesterday, she lives 40 miles away she came on the train and absolutely scrubbed every where she’s an angel! I think I might have to get an agency after all. Michelle and Frazer xx

Oh Michelle my heart goes out to you, why do they have to make life so difficult? If you do go agency, is it a case that different ones turn up all the time, or are you able to stick with the same ones?

I have no advice to help you, but wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and wishing for the best (((hugs)))

Pam x

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Thanks Pam, I’m not sure about whether an agency would send different ones. It’s more house work support I need …help to be a mum I suppose… I don’t need intimate care thank goodness, just cleaning and hospital appointments and meals and support taking Molly out …an a non judgemental kind hearted lovely person…where is Mary Poppins these days??? I think I need her, Isabelle my 14 year old said that she should write a letter like Jane and Michael did in the film…if only it was so easy! Michelle and Frazer xx

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I want Mary Poppins but for personal care!

Agencies charge more than the hourly rate we get from Direct Payments. You may be able to get the same 1 or 2, but will have to be prepared to accept others. I really don’t fancy that.

I’m looking for someone very part time, but who can also cover for my main carer’s holidays and sick. I think it’s going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack!

I hate this stuff!!!



I’m interviewing two more people tomorrow Poll but I’m dreading it. Lee has been with me for all of the other Interviews but tomorrow he’s away, he says that I will know when I find the right One, I’m not so sure although I’ve known without a doubt that the last 3 have been completely wrong. Both of the people coming tomorrow are in there late 50’s and have had some life experiance. I hope that we both find someone soon. Michelle x

I’ll get out the crystal ball Michelle, to see what the good vibes tell me. Everything seems a catch 22 these days. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. There are some good people who care out there. Fingers crossed for you. All the glitz & glammer, with a splash of bull crap. Leaves you to use your senses.

People offering advice, can’t help themselves. They go with what they know & it’s not what helps you. Ask yourself. Go with what feels right. Lee is on the ball. You’ll know who’s the right care giver. It’s in their eyes.

Take it all, with a pinch of salt.


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Why do SS make things so difficult,it annoys me so much our lives are hard enough with out all this added on top.

can you look at cleaning companies to try and get a cleaner,im thinking of doing that and paying for it out of my DLA as i cant be botherd with the direct paymants hassle its more hassle than its worth,I only want a cleaner evey 2 weeks to do a good house clean,we can keep on top it in between.Hope you find the right one soon Michelle.Try to relax when you can, you have had so much to cope with this last few months.


J x

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Thank you Terry I’ll look them in the eye…and if they look shifty I’ll get Frazer to slobber all over them. Xx

Thanks Jackie, I’ve had direct payments for a few years now . I had them for Rosanna my older autistic daughter when she was living at home. I never thought that I’d be needing them. It used to be hard to manage them but it’s a lot easier now and you can use payroll, there is a lot more support to manage direct payments there are advisers that come out to help you set it up. Thanks for the lovely pm I’ll pm you again soon. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hope you find your Mary Poppins. Trust Frazer’s judgement on who to employ- he will be able to sniff out a good’un. As a wise person said “I don’t trust someone who doesn’t like dogs. But if my dog doesn’t like someone I trust his judgement implicitly.”


Dogs definitely know. You’ll be okay.

I would offer myself if you lived locally. Having a disability these days is a very concerning issue. My brother had cleaners that took his passport & valuables. Dodgey times indeed. I trust nobody myself. So I do it all myself.

Take it easy & have a great day.

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Michelle, this is so hard for you.

I’ve been exasperated by the amount of younger people who are afraid of hard graft, you know, proper work.

They get home at the end of the day being all precious about themselves after all their “hard work” and “commitment”

Think of the work you’ve done with your daughters.

I hope you find the right person soon.


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Thank you everybody…your positive vibes worked! I’ve found Mary Popping! On Monday Stella joins our team. Like you all said I knew as soon as she walked through the door and Frazer and Stella instantly liked each off to bed now I’m tired but relieved and so happy. I hope that you find your Mary Poppins soon Poll Thank you all for your kind messages. Love Michelle and Frazer xx

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so pleased for you Michelle,you must be so,so relieved.

J x


Brilliant news Michelle.

Pam x


Really pleased that you have found “the one” - sounds like Stella will live up to her name and be a star. Did have to laugh about Frazer licking the fake tan off the other candidates. Serves them right for smelling like biscuits I reckon!!! Have a good rest and good luck to the latest addition to Team Shelly!

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Sounds like Frazer has a good eye (or is that a good nose?) for a job applicant. Perhaps he should take over from Lord Sugar on The Apprentice next season?! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bolatina it made me laugh too … What’s he like… fancy licking the Fake tan off her legs! Lee said he could tell she wasn’t completely at ease with Frazer. Michelle x

A bit late reading your post Michelle but never the less I’m pleased you found someone.

Good Luck,

Nina x

Hope Stella works out. Is she on payroll?

I`ll be looking at a list of carers from DPs next week.

I hope to make a short list for interviews.

ood luck.