Banardo,s has Been.

Barnado,s team have been.

Asked loads of questions.But it looks like they will take my child on as she has become a carer and as time goes on she will be more and more stuck at home to help me wich is very unfare on her.

Asked who helped me if I was stuck so I named a few friends.

What was shocking to me was my 6 yearold nephew is now classed as one of my carers.

He is a very helpfull child and is a stickler for rules and give him a new rule and he enforces it strongly.I didnt realise how much this little man did for me,he will hoover,put cloths in the washing basket,put shoes away,clean,polish and omg I feel so guilty now that I kind of made this little boy my carer without knowing he was caring for his favourite aunty.

That has upset me a lot,then there is my child when you start to think of what she does for me,the list is very long.

Bless I do have a wonderfull daughter and a very sweet nephew.I am truley blessed.


Wow, how old do they need to be to not be classed as carers? Are we talking months instead of years? I would have thought your nephew’s parents were more likely to be classed as the carers? Obviously not.

How old is your daughter? It took me quite a few years to realise that my brother and I had been young carers when my mum lived at home (when she became ill enough to need care, I was 16, bro was 14), but I suppose there isn’t really an age limit on it. Must say though, we never thought it unfair that our lives were different from our friend’s lives, it was just how things were.

Glad you guys are getting help,

Luisa x

His parents I very rarley see unless it is to drop my favourite boy of then they leave.I have lost frineds and family not that I asked for help to them I MAY ask for help so away they go and I struggle on my won.

There is children as young as 5 who are carers,my firned who is younger than me her eldest daughter who is 10 became one of her carers since she was around 4 or 5…

My daughter is 10 now.You do not realise how much a child does for you until they ask you what does the child do for you and the list becomes very long.

Fetching things for you,picking up shies getting a class of water is all classed as caring.


I lost friends when my husband died, but not thru the MS - my father now doesn’t speak to me at all, but that started before diagnosis, it seemed that the diagnosis was the last nail in that particular coffin. It’s horrible, but at least you know that the friends who stuck around are true.

That’s really sad that your nephews parents are like that, esp when they’re expecting you to watch their boy - am I right to assume that one of them is a sibling of yours?

It’s true with a lot of things that you don’t realise how big they are until you start itemising them.

L x

My daughter is 10 our boy our little dude as we call him is my neices son,so I am actualy a great aunty.

Most of my family are not suitable people to be around they are basicaly scum.Araid to say there are many popel and families out there like your and my family.

But we do love the boy and I cannot go into the family situation I maybe ill but he has things hard at home sometimes so I have him here for him to be free from bullying,he is out playing with my child and friends,he is happy here and always counts the days that he can visit next.So ill or not he is welcome at my door anytime.

He is my daughters shadow if she said jump off a cliff (she wouldnt say that) he would do it as he loves her…


What is it with you and cliffs?!?!? haha!

That’s great that both kids get on, and you can provide a nice environment for the wee boy. It is certainly true that you can pick your friends, but not your family. I’m lucky that my brother and I have always been close since we were very young, and, luckily, I get on well with his wife - although I don’t see much of my extended family, I know they’d be there if I asked them. The less said about my father and stepwitchmother, the better.

L x

I always wished I had pushed my ex hubby off a cliff,but the cat food pie and dirty kitty litter in his food was enough revenge for me…

My parents were bad parents and most of my syblings are exactly the same they have been arrested so many times,I do not want them in my home they would rib me and abuse me.

Yet me and my one bro are very good and we dont get ourselves into trouble and he is a police officer.

I feel ashamed that my child does so much and then my nephew omg he is a carer,but he is good for me.His mum moans about him,he is hyper active and loves rules with a passion.

I have not seen him in a few weeks though I am to ill to have him over to sleep.

I text a few family who I normaly speak to and now they no longer answer my text,one family member dont belive I had the wheelchair for free that I was hiding money she could of borrowed and NOT paid me back again.By time she claims all her benefits etc she has about £2,000-00 per month going into her home.Yup she is a waster of oney and always skint.LOL.

And me I am struggling badly and I am waiting to hear if I can have more DLA a onth ist been 15 weeks and heard nothing.

Thats family for you,friends NEVER ask me for money just my friendship and support.


Hi Charlie, have you ever thought about applying for Direct Payments/ I am on this and have 3 adult carers, plus my hubby.

Iuv Pollx

I think carers allowance has to be filled in by someone who cares for me.I thought if I could fill it in myself then pay who ever I need to to help me.But they said no I have to have it paid to a single person…