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Just wondering who can claim carers allowance?

I get direct payments to help pay for some care. But my kids still do so much for me, to much really!

I no my son couldn’t get it as he is under age but my daughter is an adult 21. She works part-time and gets about £100ish a week also goes to college. Is she earning to much? I can’t hire her through direct payments as she lives with me? I think that is so unfair as she does the most for me and gets nothing so unfair.

I really don’t no what I’d do without my kids. They live with this everyday and they get on appreciation for it. Would love to just say a very big thank you to them!!!

I bet I’m not the only one who feels like this. It’s so unfair on them at times. They have delt with and seen things, I really wished they hadn’t :frowning:


2 years ago my 18 year old daughter claimed carers allowance for me. she was earning £70 weekly. the max amount is 100-or it used to be. but in doing that they removed my severe disabilty premium and that then affected the whole money situation and we were worse off! my son is now 18-we wont be claiming carers. but its sll dependent on individual situation/circumstances. maybe its worth it for u-i suggest u enquire re the knock effect of other benefits for the whole family if u do.

i agree with what u say-i could not manage without the kids help but we look at life as a team effort-they have always helped around the house and i find that thinking like this removes the guilt from me!

hope this helps ellie

Hi, can’t help with the carers allowance dilemma however as I work for social services, assess and commission direct payments it us worth noting that although the general rule is you can’t employ someone living in the same household , there are exceptional circumstances! If you can proof for you to have an alternative would be detrimental and there are personal reasons why you may prefer your daughter, also if there are other children in the home that you would prefer not to be exposed to strangers so to speak then this can be counted too. I’m not saying this gets passed a lot but I have come across some cases where a person in the same household has been employed! Xxx

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

I just feel it’s such a shame when they do the lions share of the work with no reward. I need lots of help, if I get up in the middle of the night I have to ask for there help with getting back in bed. They have to get up with me, just feel its a lot of pressure at times for them. If they were not at home I don’t noi how I would manage? And couldn’t have a stranger staying over. Already feel vulnerable as being on my own.

Once again than you :slight_smile:

To claim carers allowance, you need to be providing at least 35 hours of care per week.

My brother in law doesn’t work and gets carers allowance for ‘looking after’ my mother in law. (Inverted commas as my husband actually does all the practical stuff and they eat a lot of ready meals but that’s amother story!) He lives in the same house and it sounds as though your daughter is far more useful than him (chocolate teapot analogy springs to mind…) so I really think you should push this. If he is entitled for what he does, she must be. Good luck. xx

[quote=“Anonymous”] To claim carers allowance, you need to be providing at least 35 hours of care per week. [/quote] How is this monitored? From what I hear - it isn’t.

Tessbaby, have a look at the link below.

It depends on how much she is earning, and how many hours she’s doing at college.

Hope this helps xx

Hi, my hubby received Carer`s Allowance for looking after me, until recently when he became 65. He still does the same for me, but he cant have both the CA and state pension!

To answer your question about monitoring how many hours are actually worked, you sign the claim form when you apply for the benefit. You have to write how many times and how long it takes to do a particular job. It must add up to at least 35 hours. I guess this is the only way it is monitored.


Hi, I get Direct Payments and was told it can`t be to pay anyone who lives with you…but yes, I think there are exceptions.

My sister is one of my carers. She takes me shopping, to the cinema, and to hospital appointments. She sleeps over 1 night a week, to give my hubby a good night`s reat, without worrying about me. He tells me I whimper in my sleep and he wonders if I need help.

I do have a lovely lady coming in every morning, to get me up, showered, toileted and dressed. She does all this in 1.25 hours. She was recommended to me by a friend who has similar needs to me.

Yes, she was a stranger at first, but we soon became good friends and my hubby got used to her…he was really against me having carers for years and I had to go behind his back and set it up. I felt awful when he was helping me, as he has his own health problems and I felt I was adding to them.

Do you not have any other family members who could come in and care for you, or even a friend?

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