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hi i wonder if anyone can give me advise on how do i go about being a full time carerfor my huband,who as primary progressive ms.i do most things for him,he walks with a frame and cant do much anymore,im finding it so difficult leaving him to go a work,i make sure iv helped him get dressed make breakfast,leave him lunch then im out the door to so exsuasted working looking after him and the home,and i feel so guilty leaving him.he needs me there.but we also need my money i feel torn.while im at work i get upset thinking this is wrong i should be home with him,his suffering deppression,and cant read or write anymore.what would i have to do to become a full time carer and would i get paid,so i still can pay the bills and would theylet me be a carer.would they class us as not needing to be with him full time thankyou anyone for advise on this matter christine

Hello Christine.

Well let me tell you how it is for us. My hubby has been my full time paid carer for about 11 years. The last 2 years, we`ve had extra care paid for by Direct Payments.

Now Carers Allowance isnt anything like a full time salary and the pay is around £59 a week......and for that princely sum, you have to do a minimum of 35 hours a week. Im sure you do MUCH more than that.

You are allowed to earn £100 a week and still get CA. To be a paid carer via Direct Payments, you are not allowed to live in the same house as the person you care for.

I know, it`s all a minefield hun!

Look on the govt website by keying in carers allowance`.

luv Pollx

ps is your hubby getting all the benefits he is entitled to?