SORRY for this short rant: How dare he, my (ex-boyfriend) who lives in my hse, has looked into applying for carers alowancehe works nights, sleeps days, earns too much to qualify and oesn’tspend 35hrss a week looking after me, cooking etc, if i’m being generous he spends 20-25hrs a week with me. End of rant!

Luckily the caree has some say in the matter!

When my daughter applied for carers allowance the unit rang me up to check this was OK. I think I even had to sign something.

But I feel your rant!

So will he fill the forms in knowing he is lying?

He can earn about £99 a week, and has to do 35 hours of care. Clearly he fits neither criteria.

luv Pollx

But surely you will have to confirm his hours?