Balancing weight!!

Hi folks

I really don't want to BUT (not butt) recently checking my weight I can not stay still on my scales to get my depressing weight!  I also use to really like using my Nintendo Wii, again the problem even when using 2 walking sticks, I can not balance.  If one more person says work on your 'core' musclescrying1sorry about moaning.

Hope everyone has a good day thumbsuptake care, M

HI M how you doing to day l too like to use the WWi fit but l sit on the arm of the chair to play the games part thumbsup but wobble all over on the rest  maybe we can make our own games up for the WWi

Will you take care  Regards Jan x

They are going to try propranlol to see if that will quiet my tremor, first one today...I love the idea of using the arm of a chair.  there's money out there if Nintendo could come up with something.  Wish we could invent it, take care coolI'm trying these dark glasses to see if my brain can re-route it's self on a positive wave.  have a good day, Mthumbsup

Hi all hope you are having nice day