Bad nerve pain I think!

Hi everyone

I wonder if you could help me please. Last night I had really bad nerve pain around my ribs (the hug) I have muscle spasms often around the ribs but have only had this pain twice before around 2 years ago. I already take 40ml of Amiltriptyline for back pain but have tried to refrain from asking for Lyrica as my nerve pain is usually mild (legs and feet) and goes off when I lie down.

I contemplated calling an ambulance, the pain was so bad and this is the second time it’s happened recently. The last time I was able to lie down and sleep through it but last night it was so bad I cried (which probably made it worse). I suppose I would never get it again

Thank you for any advice you could give me.

Hi, how r u feeling now Corkie? I have been getting agonising pain in my legs recently, like they r on fire, I cry alot at night also because of this. I am on pregabalin just now but they dont take the pain away completely. I’m wanting to possibly try somethin else but dont know what just now. I am due to see an ms nurse soon so hopefully she can suggest something. Hope u r ok xx

Ah love! Sounds horrible and scary for you.

I take ami for nerve pain too…75mg at night…wonder if you could up the dose…but on medical advice I mean.

i wonder if it could be due to something else…I went thru something similar earlier this year and thought I was having heart/angina problems.

GP fast tracked me to cardiology where I was examined and diagnosed with acid reflux!

You know heartburn/indegestion pains can travel all over the body and have us frightened silly.

Just a thought, eh?

Hope you feel better now.

luv Pollx