nerve pain,a new one on me!

Hi everyone, I have had bad nerve pain for about 18 months, and today I have had a worse than normal pain. I have been outside a lot today and it is very cold here. When I got home into the warmth after about 10 minutes I got worse than normal pain. Does anyone else have nerve pain brought on by cold, or am I imagining the connection?

Lynne x

Hi Lynne, just wondering…are you on any meds for your nerve pain?

I am on amitriptyline and it works quite well.

Other folk say gabapentin helps them.

Just wondered.

luv Pollx

I keep getting leg and big toe nerve pain and its not nice. Last night in bed my big toe on my left side kept pulsating and boy did it keep me awake.

It would seem some suffer with it whereas others dont. Its quite new for me, only experiencing this before 10 years ago.

Im taking amytryptiline and it does help although I think I need to increase the doseage. Still under gp’s guidance.



I find the cold excruciatingly painful. I’m not sure it’s MS though as I’ve had the problem as far back as I can remember (which wasn’t ideal, growing up in Scotland!).

It is very plausible that the change in temperature from extreme cold to warm would exaccerbate nerve pain though. Our nerves don’t exactly work well, and putting that extra pressure on them is bound to cause problems in at least some people.

Karen x

i didnt suffer nerve pain at first then had a big relapse in october and then i have it all the time, i am on pregabalin , sometimes it works and sometime it doesnt , still under dr advise on it and keep increasing the dose. cold affects me and so much so that it really hurts like burning

Hi, thanks. I am taking 450mg pregabalin daily and at night I also have to take 50mg amytriptiline at night. The doses of these are slowly getting higher (and so is my weight!), but whith this pain I had to take another 50mg pregabalin before it went. Sometimes I have to use a TENS machine which helps a bit. I have never had the cold have this effect before so I wasn’t sure if the cold was to blame!

Lynne x