sorry to go anon on this, just a bit embarassed, on and off a get really bad bouts of belching, really loud and they come from the depths, anyway about 12mths ago I was sent for the camera down, all good, no scaring or signs of acid reflux, does anyone else get this, and if so do you know why, thanks, ANON x

Thankfully there is nothing physically wrong,so my three neurons tell me it is something you are doing. Air is supposed to go into the lungs,but praps you are ‘swallowing’ enough to cause the burpy thing. Maybe your diet is a factor. We know what beans can cause at the other end of the 40 feet of digestive tract.

Ten pints of larger used to do the trick for me


thanks for that, yes I drink a lot of water, and maybe at times a little to fast, so maybe you’re on to something, Anon

Hi, I get this and it’s really annoying, not to mention socially embarrassing…With me it seems to be related in some way to worry and anxiety (which may be why it’s worse when other people are around), anyway, it seems that because with anxiety I get increased muscle tension in my neck, shoulders and chest, and this affects my breathing. This leads, subconciously, to ‘air gulping’. That’s what I’ve been told is the cause of my beltching anyway… To combat this I I try to practice slow deep breathing - esp when anxious.

Hope that’s some help, Cx

Get some unpasturised cider vinegar from a health food shop (make sure it says ‘unpasturised’. If it has been pasturised…ie boiled… the enzymes have been killed off).

Dilute with tepid or warm water to taste (I use about a couple of tablespoons in glass of water, but you could use more or less). Sweeten with honey if you find it too sour, or you can buy it already sweetened with honey. Sip it after meals. It’s great for digestion. I find it helps with acid reflux but also with excess gas and burping… and by the way also good for constipation.

Pat x

I get his but I had it pre-MS and put it down to anxiety attacks ( which I had yesterday) goes along with bloated feeling

I get his but I had it pre-MS and put it down to anxiety attacks ( which I had yesterday) goes along with bloated feeling

You don’t say what meds you’re on, if any. I find Co-codamol always give me wind and rumbly tummy, even though they’re supposedly kinder on the stomach than the non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like aspirin and ibuprofen.

I didn’t even realise they were doing it, until one day I threw up, and had to quit them for a while. Then all the rumbling and gurgling stopped.

I can still take the odd one in an emergency, but I’ve never been able to return to them as a regular thing.


thanks for all you’re replies, I take gabepentin, Baclofen, Betahistine, macrogol, oh and HRT, I look to get some of the cider vinegar, thanks again, Anon