Constant belching

It’s not me, it’s hubby. He is always got diarreah lately and at 3.00am last Wedneday morning I was rudely awakened because he $hit the bed in his sleep. He is constantly belching filthy stinking belches and I have just gone ballistic at him for belching right next to me. I’ve lost patience with it now. He won’t go to the doctor. I’ve googled it but come up with no easy self remedies. Any ideas? Pat

Pat, He must see a doctor to rule out anything sinister espeicially if this diarreah is unsual and has been going on for a few weeks. Has he changed his diet recently? Is he on any medication which is causing this? I couldn’t tolerate Lansoraprazole and that made me have the runs, ok, I didn’t mess the bed but I wasn’t too pleasant to be around as the gas would come without warning !!! Soon stopped taking it.

hi pat

thats the trouble with men, they just refuse to see a doctor!

maybe its irritable bowel syndrome?

perhaps you could ask at a pharmacy if there is anything you could buy over the counter.

your husband really should see his gp but good luck with telling him that!

carole x

ps i know i made a sweeping generalisation about men refusing to see a doctor and it was blatantly sexist - sorry

Well, it must be a comfort to your husband in his trouble that he can rely on such gentle sympathy from his wife!

I hope you can persuade him to talk to the doc.


It is deffinatly diahorria?? Not overflow? Diahorria has some formed lumps in it and overflow is more watery. When was his last proper formed poop? He needs to see a doctor really.

Better up than down Pat.