Baclofen Pump

Hi all,

My physiotherapist has started to talk about the possibility of getting me fitted up with a Baclofen pump at some point in the (I hope distant) future. She showed me one, and explained how it was fitted. The pump - a metal cannister like an old round tobacco tin - is shoved under the skin of my belly (yuk) and a tube runs round my side and up my spinal cord from the bottom end (double yuk). The advantage is that the dosage can be 1/1000th the oral dosage, because it goes straight into the place where it’s needed, so sedating side-effects are avoided.

Has anyone had a pump fitted? I’d be very keen to learn of anyone’s experiences with this, especially about whether the operation to have it fitted was difficult, and whether the tube running up your spine has caused you any back pain - or whether the whole thing has caused you any pain at all.


Hi Chris,

I have a friend who had a pump fitted last year. She doesnt have MS, but has a similar condition called Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis…I have that too, we think.

She was unhappy about taking a high dosage of baclofen, plus she needed botox injections to ease her probems. She rang me just yeesterday and updated me on how she was doing.

Last week she had her pump refilled. She was told how it works etc and is happy about it all.

I know she wouldnt mind talking to you about it if you like.

If you pm me, I could give you her tel number.

luv Pollx