Baclofen pump

I have secondary progressive MS and have had a baclofen pump fitted to my abdomen, does anyone have any experience?


l have SPMS

Dx…d 2012 and contemplated a Baclofen Pump to administer the drug direct as opposed to my oral dosage. My

Neurologist mentioned it a few years ago. I wanted to get folks reviews. Please tell me how it was/is going for you?


I got the pump fitted in my abdomen 3 years ago. I reacted with the dosage of baclofen and ended up in hospital for 5 weeks. They lowered the dose to the minimum amount (48 micro grams) and then I had to go to hospital monthly as an out patient to have the pump increased, I struggled to stand and transfer but had no spasms. I didn’t know if I had done the right thing but now 3 years later, my dosage now is 260 micro grams per day with a boost of 50 micro grams at 1pm every day. I have had a nightmare for 3years but it is now worth it. I can stand and transfer without spasms, working perfect now, just didn’t realise I had to go to hell and back. Hope this is useful for you.

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