Baclofen Pump

Can anyone here tell me if they have a Baclofen pump fitted and how it works? Would this be a good route to take as getting no relief. Links or any info please.


Hi, a friend of mine, who doesnt have MS, but a similar condition called Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, was on baclofen but felt it wasnt getting her enough relief for stiff and spasaming legs, had a baclofen pump fitted a while back.

It took some adjusting before it worked well and now she loves it.

It is fitted into her adbomen with sensors going into her spine. the drug is delivered to the right place at the time it is needed.



Thank you for reply. Been referred now to a consultant, who deals in this after speaking to my ms nurse today.


Go for the trial I did but it didn’t work for me. I was in Kings for three days earlier this year. Shame it didn’t work, I was offered the cannabis spray at the same time and turned it down and now can’t get it. So if you are offered it don’t turn it down.