Baclofen pump

Has anybody else out there with PPMS had a Baclofen pump fitted? I would be interested to know if this works for anybody. I have had mine fitted for about four years. I just wondered if anybody has had anything positive to say about this.



I’ve got a PPMS+Baclofen pump just like you. It’s dificult to find someone in the same case. This pump is very efficient when you are spastic. But there are bad effects, the muscles of the whole body are weak. Personally, I have difficulties to speak (MS+Pump).

Despite those bad effects, I’m very glad of the pump. I can “ride”. You can see me on my webTV on Youtube :

Few times ago, I was suffering because of spasms (cramps) and Baclofen pump made me feel better. Now I’m not suffering anymore !

Maybe you can share with us your own experience ?


Hi peeps,

Although I have ppms, I don’t yet have a baclofen pump but I’m probably on the cusp as it has been mentioned to me in the past by my neurologist. It’s something I’ve avoided up until now as I know that baclofen weakens the muscles which I can’t afford to happen and my spasms are controlled effectively by taking gabapentin.

It is very useful to learn from others’ experience,

Best wishes to you all

Love Lizzie

PS Christophe, just like to say I will be in your fabulous country for the next 2 weeks on holiday, love your video clips by the way.