Baclofen and driving

I’ve just started 10mg daily (can increase dose if I want to) baclofen to reduce stiffness . Day 3, and it seems to help. Is it considered safe to drive ? I haven’t experienced any side effects so far.

Also, has anyone had any trouble declaring baclofen when renewing their 3 year licence ?

Any help is appreciated .


hi john

i choose not to drive when i take baclofen just because it makes me feel spaced out.

i hate not being able to drive so i only take baclofen in dire circumstances (eg the hug).

i have no idea if DVLA know anything about baclofen.

i don’t even know if anyone else feels spaced out on it.

maybe ask your gp or pharmacist?

carole x

I’m not a driver, but as far as I know, there is no outright prohibition on driving whilst taking ANY prescription drug as prescribed, but it is an offence to drive if your driving is impaired by them.

Many drugs, including Baclofen, have a caveat that they may cause drowsiness, and IF affected, not to drive or operate machinery.

However, everyone’s different, and just because something may cause drowsiness doesn’t mean it necessarily will.

Hence, a lot hinges on personal responsibility to judge whether or not you’re affected, and decide accordingly. It’s not dissimilar to deciding whether you’re OK to drive when tired, or if you have a blinding headache.

I think most people can tell if a medication is making them drowsy. If it is, and you decide to drive anyway, you technically commit an offence - although whether you get caught and prosecuted is another matter. It would depend whether you were involved in an accident, or spotted driving erratically.

I know some people feel very zombified on Baclofen. If you’re aware that is you, then it’s obviously not sensible to drive.

If you’re unsure whether it’s making you drowsy, best to chat to your doctor about whether there’s any cause for concern.

I take 60mg a day, and personally don’t feel any more zombified than I did from the MS - but then I don’t drive anyway. It’s not an offence to walk or catch a bus under the influence!



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I drove for years whilst taking Baclofen. It has never made me drowsy or affected me or my ability to drive - and I was driving and taking up to about 50 or 60 mg per day. I’m a person who has always been very aware or anything that made me unsafe to drive, so I got tested at a mobility centre as I became concerned about my ability to hit the brake quick enough. I was just about legal, but decided to have my car adapted anyway as I could see my driving ability and stopping reactions in particular only getting worse. These days I don’t drive simply because I can’t get to the car on my own!!

Hi John,

I have been taking 90mg a day since 2003 and the 5 other drugs I take it says may make you feel drowsy, I have not had any side effects from any drug, except REBIFF which I was on for 12 years, that did not effect my driving though Your side effects may wear off after a will.

I have had a few driving assessments over the years and they went fine…

Maybe Im been given PLACEBO`s lol


Oh Yeah forgot to say I told the the DVLA years ago what drugs I was taking mainly because I was driving a Cab then.