Baclofen and driving license

Good morning everyone I hope it’s a good one for you all.

i don’t post very often but read your posts regularly.

l have been prescribed Baclofen, I’m up to 3 tabs 3x daily- not much difference in my walking yet.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has lost their driving license because of taking Baclofen. I need to fill out a new form but as I think I’ll stop taking it do I need to mention that I’ve ever been on it ?

Thanks - sorry if that sounds a bit rambling

Hello Magic Moon , im sorry i cant answet about the Baclofen, ive not had used it but I’d not driven for 3 years and wasn’t sure whether I’d be safe but I went for a driving assessment and unfortunately I had my licence taken off me . I was unbelievably sad and still am. Losing my driving felt worse than losing my mobility…but I’m glad that I went for it . I’d have never forgiven myself if I’d have injured someone. No one can tell you what to do but listen to your gut instinct…do you feel safe and I’m control ? I didnt and no amount of telling myself it would get better made any difference. Im not sure what Baclofen does but I know ms slows the messages down in some people and cognitively it may mean that we aren’t safe. I hope that you get good advice from others on here. My son made me laught recently. …he told me that a car was only a giant power wheelchair anyway…I’d never thought about it like that before …it made me feel quite happy going out in my new Salsa quickie. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my phone

Hello Michelle, thank you for your reply as I know how busy you are.

When I read it back I realised it was a pretty daft question any way. Why would they want to know that I had been on it but stopped taking it. Should have looked at the form properly before posting!

Take good care of yourself xx

Give Frazer a little tickle behind the ear from me

I’ve got to be honest, I surrendered my licence when I was diagnosed, I knew it was getting to be a problem for me. I’ve not heard of anyone having a problem driving whilst taking baclofen ot similar tho. It’d probably be noted on whatever drug’s health warnings anyway.

Sonia x

Hi Magic moon,

I took baclofen when I was still driving! I wasn’t made to give up driving but stopped because I was having such a dreadful time trying to concentrate.

I don’t think it’s necessary to advise the DVLA but you could double check with your Dr or neuro.

wishing you all the best,

Nina x

i thought Baclofen is used to stop the cramps and jerky feet

Well that why my wife takes them ,sometimes i wake up in the night and her feet dont stop moving ???

strange when you think she can walk un aided

Hello to Sonia, Nina and Chrisarvor.

So sorry I’ve only just got round to thanking you for taking the time to reply. I appreciate that you did and hope you are all keeping as well as you can !!

My MS nurse told me Baclofen would help with the spasticity & excruciating cramp, but may relax my muscles too much & prevent them working. As I can still stand & even walk short distances, Baclofen wouldn’t be suitable for me at the moment.

As for driving, dvla revoked my licence on diagnosis. I was furious but realised a car is a convenience, not a right. I now use my power chair on public buses my boot scooter in someone’s car. Always a way to get somewhere xx