Baclofen and Cocodamol


i usually take cocodamol for bad stomach cramps (period pains). However I now take baclofen. I need to take some cocodamol but will it be ok with the baclofen too?

you would be better off asking your pharmacy although i thought that one was a pain killer i though baclofen was for spasticity?

I would just check with your GP or pharmacy to be safe.

My wife takes baclofen 3 times a day, and for pain usually takes ibubrofen (in addition to the other medication she takes!) If she gets migraines she will take cocodamol instead and her GP has said that is fine. She is at an advanced MS stage though, and the docs know that her pain is extreme at times so they may be a bit more relaxed to try to keep the pain under control. Best check with your own GP/pharmacy though for your own circumstances to be on the safe side.

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Hi I take both and have no side effects.