Pain and spasms

Morning chaps! I haven’t posted for a while but I have a neuro appointment tomorrow AM and I want to ask about meds for spasms and pain. I have tried a lot of them and found them hard to tolerate side effects are the pits and I find it easier to put up with them than take anything else!

However they have now become so bad I am going to have another go so what do you recommend guys? I take co-codamol which has a mildly numbing effect but cannot take more than twice in 24 hours or the constipation is a real nause! I tried Baclofen but side effects during day were grim so stopped what if I just took it at night? Does the relief accumulate and then you have the relief during the day but sleep through the side effects?

I have been on Diazepam a few years back and it suited me well but not for the spasms and pain that was more of a sedative really as I was being a real sad sack and getting hysterical!

Any suggestions gratefully received! Julie

i was put on tegrotol a few months ago by my old neuro for spasms…it really helped. went to see my new neuro last week and he asked me about meds i was on…told him about the tegretol and that it had also helpled with my bladder…he was happy for me to stay on it but wants me to go on the slow release one…so he has contacted my gp about that. as for pain i have co-codamol and i also take pregbalin…hope t5his helps

mandie xxxx

Hi Julie,

I wonder if you started at a too high dose of baclofen?

I’ve found it very helpful, and no side-effects that I’m aware of, although I realise everybody’s different.

Some people will disagree with this, but personally, I don’t find the effects cumulative, no. I find the cramp and spasticity ease within about twenty minutes or half an hour of taking it, but return as soon as it wears off.

So I don’t think taking it regularly at bedtime would eventually have a knock-on effect during the day, sorry. I have to take it both night AND morning to get the benefit, and I’m starting to think I might need a dose mid-afternoon, too, because I’m starting to feel uncomfortable in the evenings, when it’s still a long while to the bedtime dose.

I’m still struggling with the painkilling regime. I was on cocodamol permanently, but have had to give up, because it disagreed with me.

I haven’t found a suitable replacement. I keep meaning to go to the doc’s, to discuss increasing the baclofen, as I suspect spasticity is the underlying cause of my pain, and that tackling it more effectively might reduce the need for painkillers altogether. But as usual, I haven’t got round to it yet (going to the doctors is a chore, like other things, so I end up not going unless I’m in absolute agony).

There are dedicated (prescription) painkillers like gabapentin and pregabalin for nerve pain, but I haven’t tried those, as by and large, it’s not the type of pain I get.


Hi, I have been on gabapentine now for about 3mths for leg spasms not pain, during the day if needed for a shoulder injury not ms I take ibuprofen and co-codamol.I think I’m fairley lucky as I don’t get any pain in my legs except when I used to get sharp spasms,but fortunatly the gabapentine has sorted that out I also take 1x5mg diazipam at night. I would recommend maybe try the gabapentine it works for me.good luck take care,helen.x. ps.I can’t take baclofen either or any other tablet that works on the sns,they make me very weak.

Hi … I swear by amitriptyline, i’m taking 50mg, been on it for 6 months now and got to say its working, knocks me out when I go to bed mind, but have gained some weight, but not getting so many spasms or pins and needles, know it works as an anti-depressant as well, but other than that, i’m happy with it… hope things work out 4 u x

Thanks guys I have more to think about now and will go in for a nice chat, hubby is going with me so we will be well prepped!

I was taking Sativex but it started to disagree with me so have stopped. I think finding the balance is just a bit tricky and I really hate having to take more pills but there you go

Let you know how I get on Jules x

Well he was running late what a suprise so a first thing in the morning appointment turned in to all morning at the hospital! I am starting on Tizanadine as soon as he writes to my GP. Well it might be Tegretol but I can’t remember it starts with T anyway!! Julie x