Druds Interactions dangerous?

HI All!

Do you know if you can safely take some Paracetomol Painkillers with Baclofen Pls?

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Anna x

Well, really you shouldn’t be taking drug information from a site like this. If in doubt ask your local pharmacist. But personally I regularly take both with no problems.


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Hope not, I take Paracetamol daily for headaches and I’m also on Baclofen…

My GP has a book which lists all known interactions. I have seen him refer to it occasionally when prescribing me some drugs.

I am sure that a pharmacist will have the same book for themselves.




I take Paracetamol most days for leg pain along with my Baclofen.

Check with Dr or ms nurse to be sure it’s suitable for you?


Those two are fine, I do it loads. When giving you a prescription, your pharmacist or doc would tell you if there any interactions with common things.


thnx all,

I am now doing the ‘Paracetomol’ and DMD with touch wood; no nasty effects so far.

All the best

All GPs, pharmacists and nurses who are non medical prescribers will have a copy of the BNF (the book AnthonyA mentioned). Most reliable person to ask about medication interactions is a pharmacist. They will have the full blown education on pharmacokinetics which GPs don’t always have much education on. Although, if out of hours, and you really need an answer, call 111. They can either get a GP to advise or direct you to the nearest out of hours pharmacy.