Back to see the neurologist tomorrow, hopefully some concrete answers

Hi all, I’m off to see the neurologist tomorrow and hopefully he will fall off the fence and make a yes or no decision as I’m not coping with “possibly” or “more than likely” anymore and need something a bit more concrete so I can get in with it lol.

Im armed with lots of questions most of which I will forget but let’s see what tomorrow brings.

hope you all have a fab day xxxx

Good luck tomorrow. If you forget any questions you can ask on here xx

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Good luck tomorrow, let us know how you get on

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Will do xxx

Good luck for tomorrow. I hope it all goes well for you. I am also seeing my neurologist tomorrow for a diagnosis. I’m absolutely bricking it although looking forward to getting some answers. Where are you based?

Ah good luck to you too!! I’m also bricking it slightly but glad it’s head as I hate waiting, I’m in Somerset where are you based?


I am in Somerset too. Yeovil

Live ilminster and go to musgrove hospital small world!! X

I have to go to south petherton but seeing dr fish from taunton

I’m actually Shepton Beauchamp and petherton is a couple of miles down the road!! I’m asking to be seen there from now on, I didn’t realise they held a clinic there so much easier than the drive to taunton!! Good luck and let me know how you get on xx

And you x

Hi!! How did you get on today?? Hope all is ok, I’ve been diagnosed RRMS xxxx

Louise, A diagnosis is useful because you now have a proper target. Now you and your team need to work out the best course of action. No need to hang around too much. Good luck Mick


Hi Louise,

Well, you slipped that one in quietly.

I’m pleased for you that at least the neurologist has climbed off his fence and made a commitment to a diagnosis.

Obviously it’s not a good thing, but given that you ‘knew’ anyway, I’m sure it’s a relief.

Don’t forget though, that you may feel quite comfortable, even happy, with the diagnosis, but you’ll probably still get what’s commonly called the ‘collywobbles’, probably late at night, when you start to think ‘arrrrggghh, I’ve got MS’.

So, as I’m sure you will anyway, come back to us here for help, questions, just general raging against MS. You’re entitled.



I am sorry to hear that you’ve joined the club, Louise, but welcome. I hope you’re doing OK. Sue’s right: it can be a bit of a rocky ride, emotionally, those early days.


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Thankyou for your lovely comments, yes I’m sure I will hit that wobble but at the moment I feel a sense of peace and I’m finally able to get on with it and what ever the future throws at me. So nice to have a reason behind all the odd stuff I’ve been feeling for years.

im on 5 days of steroids now and the neurologist thinks it’s settled at the moment so dosnt want to medicate until I have a big relapse due to the no change in my mri findings so I’m happy with that and at least In the future it’s in place if I need it xxx

you all have such amazing advice and it’s such a helpful and comforting forum in times of uncertainty, Thankyou al xxx

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