Back pain

Hi, Does anyone get sharp pain in their back that can take your breathe away? Its only just started and with leg and arm pain god I need shooting!!!


Hi Jan I’ve had back pain for years and when it comes it’s horrible like you say. My Dr. prescribed Tylex which I still use when needed.

Love Yvonne x

I have this back pain, mine comes from a spinal lesion. The pain sometimes goes through to my chest. I take Amitriptyline at night and have just had to come off of Morphine patches, as they didn’t suit me. I’m now back on high does CodyDrymal. I was lucky enough to have treatment from my pain clinic where I learned Alexander Technique and have been given 20 sessions of Tai chi. I would recommend it, a lot of my pain is to do with muscle tension and these alternative therapies definitly help.

Wendy x