Spinal lesion causing back pain anyone?

Hi everyone

Ever since 2007 when I had a particularly nasty lesion in my back, I have had pain in the Thorasic part of my spine, I take Amitriptyline, Gabapentin and Codydrymal, I also have massage on my neck which is rather weak and to some degree this does seem to help the pain in my back, for around a week anyway. The thing is I have problems sitting up and sitting at the computer is very painful. I prefer to have full back/neck support. I also have ‘the hug’, I wondered if anyone else suffers from pain in this way, as I find it hard to expain to health medics including my ms nurse. I also wonder if there is some wear and tear going on too.

Thank you for any replies, have a good weekend.

Love Wendy x

Hi Wendy, Lesions themselves cannot be felt - that I know of - so you will not be feeling the pain OF the lesion (there isn’t any). However, as you’ve had spinal cord involvement, there probably is some weakening of the core muscles - and I believe this is common to most peope with MS, eventually. I get very tired, burning shoulder blades, just from standing too long, but especially from reaching forward as well - e.g. at the sink. I begin to get pain in my breastbone, too, if I’ve stood for too long - as if the same pain went right through from back to front. I did have a thoracic lesion, right from the outset, but I’ve never believed it’s the lesion itself I’m feeling; only that it’s damaged my strength. I think most “normies” will eventually get pain from sitting or standing too long, but in their case, it’s hours and hours - mine can start after as little as minutes. I regularly feel now how I once felt only if I’d spent all day shopping in London’s West End, in and out of every shop! So in some ways it’s familiar - it just takes much less to set it off. I really don’t understand why your nurse is finding this a hard one to grasp, as it sounds typical of what many MSers experience. I always need lumbar support. My sofa has those small cushions that, for years, I only ever regarded as decoration. Now, I can’t sit down on it, without reaching for one, to shove behind my back! Tina x


I got pain in my burning back and shoulders, the physio sorted it. Nothing to do with my back but the way i was walking !!!. It may sound wrong but i the physio told me to walk down the corridor and told me that my legs were weak which was causing my pain. I have to do excercises every day and after a few weeks it worked.

Its worth investigating


Hi Tina and Daniel

Thanks for your replies, you have made me realise that some of this pain is down to weakness in my neck, shoulders and trunk, (can’t bear to wear a necklace and my shoulder bag has to be very small and light) and this would explain why I can’t sit for long at the computer and am much more comfy on my buggy with full neck support. I can now explain this to the nurse and physiotherapist.

The nerve pain which I take Amitriptyline for and I have been told is down to MS, is easily explained as it’s phantom pain.

Cheers have a good evening.

Wendy x

Wendy,I suffer from a weak neck, at times I feel like I can hardly hold the weight of my own head! A high backed chair/couch and a V-shaped pillow works wonders for me. I have one on the couch and on my bed for when I want to sit up and read. It’s also good when my swallowing function is very weak, I use it flat with one standard pilllow underneath it and it seems to stop me choking on my saliva. I have a high back computer chair which was a bit pricey £120 but very supportive so I an sit comfortably at the computer. All these little accessories add comfort to our lives. Hope you feel improvement soon. Gill

Thank you for your advice Gill, especially about the v-shaped pillow, I’ll be looking into one. This pain has been going on since 2007, I do find that rest has been the only real antidote but massage has helped too. Unfortunately I haven’t found a high backed chair has helped me so far and cannot sit for long in any of my adapted chairs, lying down seems to be the only option when I’m having a bad day. Anyway thank you so much for taking time to reply, I will endeavour to find ways of supporting my neck.

Love Wendy x