Spinal Lesions & Back Pain

Does anyone know if spinal lesions cause pain in spinal cord and back?

Basically yes, but they themselves are not painful - it is more that they tell the brain about fake pain signals regarding whatever area of the body they are responsible for.

(This is a very simplistic answer. Not sure I know enough to do a very detailed one either! I know much more about the brain than the spinal cord.)

Karen x

Hi - I've been wondering this same question. The area between my shoulder blades hurts/burns; my neck has been painful and stiff for a long time. I'll find out on Wednesday if these correlate with spinal lesions and let you know. Dx

My GP said it was from lesions and told me to continue to take the amitriptyline and also added gabapentin. Im just not sure they are caused by my spinal lesions as I do not want to blame everything on my MS. The pain is so sudden and stops me in my tracks, I cant say what sort of movement sets it off it just hits me. Im also getting spasms too all around the middle of my back.This is now week 4 and Im starting to get a bit fed up with it! Ive been getting acupuncture for the past few weeks too.I do have spinal lesions and hence why my GP said it was the lesions. I have contacted my MS nurse hopefully tomorrow I will hear back from her. It is causing problems with my balance and my legs feel weird. Im thinking now I need steroids to help .Thanks everyone for your replies Heather

Sudden, bad pain that isn’t related to movement sounds like neuropathic pain which will hopefully respond to the meds your GP prescribed once you get on the right dose. Gabapentin can help with spasms but the standard drug is baclofen so you might want to ask about that too.

The fact you’re having other new symptoms too makes it sound like you’re having a bit of a relapse :frowning:

I hope it’s a short one!

Karen x