I have had a bad back for 3 weeks and it feels like my spine is bruised and its radiating into my neck and hip. I have never had a spinal mri just brain scan. If you have lesions on your spine does it cause this type of pain or would it be more sensory symptoms as in numbness, tingling and weakness etc?

Hi Zipster, You cannot actually feel a lesion itself, if that’s what you’re asking. They are painless. A spinal cord lesion tends to cause sensory symptoms, or motor (movement) problems, or both, below the site of the lesion itself. So it’s common to have walking difficulty, numbness or abnormal sensation below the waist - especially saddle area, and there may be bladder and/or bowel involvement. There may or may not be pain - I actually felt reduced pain, because, unknown to me, the lesion had interfered with pain signals getting through! But lesions themselves aren’t sore. Any pain is the result of garbled nerve signals, which the brain typically interprets as pain, as a precaution. Pain is, after all, the body’s alarm signal, so if the brain receives a message it doesn’t quite understand, it’s safest to report it as pain. Tina