May be a daft question about spine lesions and pain

Hi all,

feel a bit daft asking but I am diagnosed RRMS but have no spinal lesions that have been seen on mri.

my question is if spinal lesions develop can they or do they cause pain or discomfort?

ive had a strange new symptom of numbness around my nose running to my left ear and I’ve now got what feels like a dull ache in my neck which had been creeping up over the last week or so.

Have a lovely day xxxx

Hi Louise,

Not a daft question at all; doubt if it has anything to do with spinal lesions. Any symptoms you get above the neck are probably caused by brain lesions.

Here is a map of the nervous system Human Physiology - Neurons & the Nervous System II

And where a lesion is what corresponding part of the body it may affect.

It can get quite complicated; especially the video; unless you’re a Latin scholar, but if you want an understandable document about the brain and MRI; READ Rizzo’s explanation


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My lesions are in the spine (3), I dont get any pain, only weakness and stiffness in legs. Aching in your back could be due to your gait ? Walking (Gait) Difficulties | National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Hi all Thankyou for all your great reply’s,

i spoke to my ms nurse yesterday who has said that it defiantly sounds like an ms symptom but has thrown my diagnosis sort of back into limbo as my vep test has come back as normal so I now am given a “working diagnosis”

my gait is not effected it’s pain/tingling from the base of my skull area across my ear to my nose on one side.


I get this sort of symptom as the seasons change, particularly when the weather changes suddenly. It is like someone has stuck a tube of pole across my shoulder and round my neck, can also be across top of my head. I regularly wear a bobble hat in the house and ankle warmers to try to keep my whole body stable. (Not very romantic). This helps me. I have always been able to tell when it is going to snow or rain too.

Don’t know if this is the same thing, but it is just one of the myriad of symptoms that is a pain in the doo dads! Very rarely, if it is too sudden and hurts a lot, it can be a sign for me to just pack in for the day, get in bed, get warm, drink tea etc. then it goes off. This winter I have hardly had it as I was prepared, before the cold weather dropped on us, I kept the house warm, didn’t go out without gloves, wore lots of nice thermals and kept my termperature the same if possible. It has improved things a lot. Went to bed with a bobble hat last night, no head/neck/shoulder pain. No face numbness or anything like that.