Much mention of lesions in the past few years. What are they and how do folk know they have them. Also does a lesion in a particular part of the brain? correspond to a problem with a part of the body? Do lesions repair themselves in RRMS? I was dx’d before all this talk of lesions and haven’t seen neuro for a long time (not since I was er ‘escorted’ out of a hospital for being (in their words) rude and abusive!

Hi zetland !

As far as I know, you’d only see lesions on an MRI scan, and either on your spinal column or in your brain …or both maybe !!

Location of lesions will correspond to a particular part of the body and I believe they can sometimes disappear completely in RRMS - presumably as part of remission ?

I’m sure we’ll get further replies from people with greater experience or knowledge!

In the meantime, I have a neighbour that you’d be more than welcome to be rude or abusive to


I have lesions on my brain and spine. My neuro said that the problems I have with gait/balance and incontinence can relate to lesions in my spine.

Hope that answers part of your question

I have lesions on the left hand side of my brain (visible on MRI scan) that relate to neuropathic pain / numbness / tingling / weakness / greater fatigue in limbs etc. on the right hand side of my body. Also have bladder and bowel issues although not sure how the lesion location causes that? And what about the b****y fatigue…? Where does that come from - would love to send it back. Ha! Apologies for long series of sentences - can’t seem to get keyboard return key to work on PC. xx

annelda - don’t think the problem is your keyboard. when I write a message on this site the ‘return’ key doesn’t work. Think problem is with the site.