Mri result for diagnosis

Hello can you have brain lesions with a clear spinal MRI and still have MS? Thanks :blush:


I am pretty sure you can, I think it would mean you have more problems with speaking,memory and things like that other than being unable to weight bare etc? I only have lesions in my brain but not full diagnosises of MS at the moment.

I maybe wrong though im no doctor haha.

Hope youโ€™re all well.

My friend has only brain lesions and has been diagnosed with RRMS.

For myself, the majority are in my brain with only one on my spine.


Nerve cells are the same composition as brain cells. In the presence of MS all are susceptible to demyelination.

You can also have brain lesions and no spine lesions and not have MS. Lesions can be caused by many things. MS is just one. Lesions in MS tend to occur more in some areas of the brain than in others, which makes it easier / quicker for neurologists to diagnose if the locations are in the more typical areas.