Sorry... another question.

I just read a post which has confused me. someone with symptoms which fit MS (and I realise many other possible disorders) had MRIs which showed 7 lesions but has been told by neuro it’s not MS. How can they be sure?? I thought lesions were a reliable marker for MS diagnosis? xx

I had same issue lesions but they were not typical appereance of what you would expect with ms

Brain lesions can be caused by numerous things, ms is one of them but they can also be migraine related or age spots etc - the lesions are differential by where they are in the brain, the size, the shape etc

In addition to what Karina has said, MS cannot be diagnosed unless it’s provable the lesions didn’t all occur at the same time. The technical term is that lesions have to be disseminated (that is, separated) in space and time. If multiple lesions all got there at once, they may well satisfy the “space” bit (i.e. affect different physical areas of the CNS), but not the “time” bit, which requires them to have arisen at different times. A single demyelinating attack might be the first indication of MS, but might also have been triggered by a virus or something, and never happen again!


Ok, that all makes sense. Thank you both for your replies :slight_smile: xx

Apologies if this duplicates. That all makes sense, thank you both for your replies xx