Spinal cord lesion question


Maybe someone will be able to enlighten me…if you have a ms spinal lesion which many know can cause many symptoms including electric shocks when the lesion touches the cord, why do electric shocks only happen at certain times and with certain movements. Is a spinal lesion on the actual spine or the cord?

Hope im making sense,


all lesions are on the myelin which coats the nerve and so (i think i am correct in saying) it is on the cord, as opposed to the spine (I presume by spine, you mean the bony vertebrae).

i had a lesion on my spine (by which i mean the cord) and presumably it has since healed up, because one of the main symptoms was the occasional, ‘electrical buzzing’ sensation called L’Hermittes, which i am no longer entertained by.

it would occur only when i flexed my head forward (ie. chin downwards); the tilt of my head causes the back of my skull to effectively pull the cord in spine upwards. due to the reduced myelin, this movement causes a bit of interference to the messages being transmitted and so my hands / feet / legs would tingle.

not an entirely unpleasant situation, but one which nevertheless provided a constant reminder that not all things were perfect.

Thanks…I raised the question partly due the symptoms my friend has.She has stenosis of the cervical spine and her symptoms are constant in her arms but lower limbs not affected.

I was trying to work out why the symptoms were different if the cord was involved. I think iv got it now…