Back again

Hi all, it’s been a while since I last visited I’m sorry to say I feel I’m starting another relapse :frowning: but I’m determined that it won’t rule my life like the last one did still not heard anything back from the neuro after nearly six months so I’m thinking he really is crap lol I’m gonna def ask for a second opinion in the meantime lets just keep plodding on shall we as if nothing wrong oh I just remembered I had a home visit from a GP to do with my claim I started back in feb when I was really bad he was really lovely n understanding when it came to doing a basic exam, eye test reflexes etc my upper reflexes were fine but lower ones (knees) were poor on my right and very poor (hardly any reaction) he said its a wonder I still manage to get about unaided to which I did point out that some days I can’t lol spend some days face planting but it’s all part of the fun of this lovely condition I suppose :slight_smile: that’s me for now but just thought if pop on n av nose Lou :slight_smile: x

Hi Lou,

I am sorry that you are feeling rotten again. Do you have a dx yet ? I find your story about the relexes strange as usually in central nervous system problems (such as MS) they are overreactive , not under reactive. In cases of purely peripheral neuropathy were the CNS is not involved they are under reactive.

Moyna x

Hi Moyna No I don’t have a DX yet when I saw the neuro my lower reflexes were over active in my right knee but poor in my left and the foot scrape one there was no reaction at all "/ it’s a funny old business this body melarky int it lol I constant feel like I’m making it up even tho I no I’m not "( I have However since found a colleague at work who also is under the same neuro n we share almost identical symptoms but she has a DX n has been for more than 10 yrs but she also agrees he’s an odd sort lol I’d just like to add that I didn’t actually know my colleague had MS until it came up in a convo with someone else so it’s not like I’d copied her lol ") Lou x

I’m not for a sec thinking anyone on here would think I’d make any of this up btw lol just read that back n it reads very childish I’m sorry it wasn’t my intention "(