Back Again Still No answer

Been approx 3 years trying to get answers, mri scans of brain, spine, kneck, blood test, xrays you name it. I saw a, neurologist back in 2021 but said due to no spinal lesions visable couldn’t say it was ms. I’ve recently seen a, nuro surgeon, was referred by the gp due to me constantly saying my legs are numb, I’ve psines, I don’t sleep, I’ve electric shock feelings, tingles, legs feel heavy, arms do, steps are like climbing a mountain, bran fog, exhausted. They thought I’d an issue with my spine but the nuro surgeon said nothing I described was caused by anything physically wrong with my spine. He listened to me and did some tests, with a hammer thing for reflexes and had me pushing him away and standing. He’s now pulling all my mri scans again and referring me back to neurology.
I’m just fed up my symptoms are still there, they’re worse than 2 years ago especially the numb legs and heavy feeling in my body. I’ve also issues, with swallowing on and of and breathing. It’s all so complicated and because it comes and goes and I’ve noticed triggered by stress I feel ill never get to the bottom of it. I still think it’s Ms I’ve been like this for years on and of flares then it goes. I’m 54.

Hi Paula, Mmm…it does need further investigation I think.

From early onset of symptoms ie mobility problems, bladder and bowel accidents, stiffness, spasms…I had many tests…MRIs, LPs, EMG etc, but nothing to prove PPMS.

22 years till I got my Diagnosis of Rare Spinal PPMS, as I went to a Liverpool specialist neuro hospital.

Keep fighting chick.


Thanks for reply.

I’ve had bladder issues too for years I felt like I was, desperate for the loo but would only pass a small amount I’d sometimes, go to the loo over a dozen times through the night, then that altered to feeling like I’d to push and force my pee out. I’d tell Dr’s but no one listened. Three years ago after a really upsetting stressful time… lost my sister to brain cancer… my symptoms really took of. My eye started to twitch and didn’t stop for 6 month, my throat was as if it was constantly closing and chocking me, I’d horrendous pain especially in my hips, electric shock feelings in random places. I again approached my gp and said could this be ms. Had scans, bloods slsorys. I did have numerous white spots on my brain but no one bothered, plus the neurologist thought they’d seen a, lesion on spine but then that disappeared. I was just told I was stressed. But some days I’m that exhausted even breathing in exhausts me.

I’ll just have to go with the flow and see what happens.