Is this PPMS?

Hi everyone. I have had symptoms for 2 years starting with balance problems then numbness, tingling, urge to to get to the toilet, weak legs, burning and all.of these have gradually got worse over the last2 years. I’ve seen the neurologist and had a clear brain and c spine MRI. I didn’t have my spine scanned. My brother has PPMS and this is how his symptoms started and we have followed the same way. My brother urged me to get this checked out as he recognised his symptoms in me. Since I have been told it will be 3 no the before seeing the consultant again I’m thinking of getting a private consultation. My brother said i should of had my spine scanned as lesions are more likely on the spine in PPMS. I have NOT had a lumber puncture…has anyone else had similar? My legs a 're go weak and stiff that I frequently trip and have had people home that I’m drunk. Oh and the fatigue is another story. I don’t think I can just sit and wait and let things get worse…im 39 and feel like an old women. Can anyone offer any advice please. Thank you Jo

Hi jojo your symptoms are exactly the same as mine initially last year the doctors thought I was having mini strokes but after mri scans and lumber puncture I was diagnosed with Ms. As yet they haven’t decided what kind of ms it is. I have another appointment in November with my neurologist so fingers crossed I will find out then. Sorry i don’t really think this will be much help. Angela

Hi, It’s so frustrating as the waiting is so hard when I constantly look like a drunk women…

Sorry all for the spelling errors…was typing on my mobile.

I have my first appointment with my ms nuse today I’m actually looking forward to seeing her (does that sound weird ?) I just think she’ll know more about my condition as this is her speciality. Don’t worry about the spelling mistakes my spelling has become really bad as has my handwriting and the endless list of other things that are becoming more challenging. Keep your chin up. Angela x