Think I have PPMS

Hi all

I am a 59 year old that has been having investigations for a tremor in my left hand.I have had it for a while but it got a lot worse so I went to my GP.

I was sent for a CT scan that showed age related changes so I was then sent for a MRI.

When I saw my GP on Friday for the results I was told that I have chronic MS and have had it for a long time.THis was a total

shock and I spent the weekend worrying.

Phoned the doctor on Tuesday to see if I had misheard but told most certainly MS and to wait for the Neuro appointment.I have also had problems with my left leg for a few years but ignored that as well. Reading on hear it seems that I have been experiencing drop foot for at least 5 years.

So I was wondering has anyone else been diagnosed this way round and what should I expect to happen from now on.

Hello and Wecome,

Your GP is very naughty as they are not allowed to dx MS as it has to come from a neurologist. There are many things that can cause lesions on MRI and you will probably need a lumbar puncture to either rule in or rule out MS.

If it is PPMS then the neuro might be able to give you medication for your symptoms.

Moyna xxx


My situation seems to be similar,

I went to see my Gp last Thursday to see if he could chase my results from the lumber puncture I had on the 3rd March (I’ve had MRI scan and they have found 3 lesions in my spine)I have rang the hospital twice, 6 weeks ago and again 2 weeks ago to be told that they had my results but was waiting for the consultant to sign the letter before sending it to my GP. My GP asked if I meant the letter he had on 20th March stating I had MS! I asked him when was I going to be told as my next appointment with the neuro is not until Sept .

I was told that it could be diagnosed this way round as it was an incidental finding as they were looking for something else !

Bassetmum please don’t worry nothing has changed other than you now have a label to tie onto your symptoms, I have had ppms for over twenty years and still live a full and happy life. It’s just different life.

X Don

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I hope the word ‘chronic’ didn’t frighten you too much. I can’t walk unaided and I’ve been classed as EDSS 6 by a highly - google EDSS of you get a chance I’m 44 and was pretty active til a couple of years ago and would describe my MS as pretty serious yes, and I can also track it back about 12 years but chronic hasn’t come into any of the conversations and I know full well it could be worse! Hopefully your neuro will be a bit more helpful and refer you to an MS nurse so you have support and specialised

Sonia x