hi all, well been to get my results today seen yet another nuro as the one i was seeing is of sick which i know hes only human but another dr who had just read my notes 5 mins before my appt. to be told hes not sure its ms which is good but there is definetly a problem !!!!! but if it is ms it is primary progresive ok so I want to send you for a full body scan just to see if there is any other explanation for your balance problem and walking with a heavy limp and for there being no response from your legs during my emg oh yes and put you on anti deppresion tablets ???? so there we have it still in limbo and even more confused to what I was beforeconfused  sorry to go on so and sound like a spoilt child but 18 months on still dont know whats really happening  confusedconfused

Hi Tizzie, sorry you didn't get any definite news today, but I think you are burying some positive stuff here.

He's sending you for a full body scan. This can only be good news. I assume as well as looking for other stuff, they will also be looking for lesions on brain and spine. They are also trying to eliminate any other cause for your symptoms, which is normal when looking a possibility of MS. 

18 months feels like a hell of a long time, but actually it's not that long when waiting for a dx. I waited over 2 years for a dx of ppms, and many people wait much longer.

I realise knowing this does not actually make it easier for you to live with, but you have not been dismissed by the neuro and they are continuing investigation. It's a good thing. 

One day at a time eh? And keep in mind that things are moving forward. Hopefully you'll get some definite answers from the full body scan.

Pat x

Just wanted to reiterate what Pat said - it's incredibly frustrating to feel like you aren't moving forward, but it does sound like this latest neuro really wants to work out what's going on. That's got to be a positive thing.

I hope you get some answers very soon.

Hang in there!

Karen x

Thank you for your support it is really appriciated i really must learn to look on the positive and not the negative thanks again i always feel brighter when i have been on the forum xxxxthumbsup

Hi Tizzie,

I know limbo is very very frustrating.  I was there for almost 3 years. 

Take some comfort in the fact you're being sent for a full body scan, it means you're being taken seriously.  So many people in limbo have to scream, shout and stomp for someone to take notice of them.

It is a step in the right direction.

Sarah xxx

P.S. Cute doggie wog..yours?

Hi Sarah thanks for your support yes shes my little girl mad as a March hare so she goes well with me :slight_smile: xx