Back ache

Anyone get like a real ache in lower back like a period type/contraction real slow and grabby lasts 20 ish seconds then goes. It’s really unpleasant

this may sound weird but i had bad period pains at 13 and an older girl at my school told me to lie on the floor and she showed me a yoga move that really worked. i wish i’d kept up the yoga but then i became 14 and into boys (yuck). yoga strengthens the core so maybe there is something in there that could help. pilates also is excellent for the core. when i was on copaxone i found that injecting my tum made me have period pains, which made me mad because i thought that lot had ended years ago. just try a pelvic tilt. lay flat and try to make each vertebra stay in contact with the floor. squeeze your bum muscles until it raises slightly off the floor. exhale on the lift. tiny movements are effective with repetition. hugging your knees to your chest gives some relief too.

if you have access to a neuro physio mention this to them. hope it helps

I get lower back pain, always on the left. Lasts for about half hour. Definitely not period, i have no womb! but it never feels like my MS pain.

I worry that it is my kidneys, or kidney stones because I take a lot of vitamin D3. But I don’t want to become a hypochondriac.

So I drink lots of water, exercise and walk, and pop an ibrobrufen. (The regular gabapentin that I take doesn’t alleviate this pain.)

But do share your pain with your GP or MS nurse and let us know how you get on. Warmest thoughts Ali

I get a lot of low back pain, started on the right side and had it for years, that has now lessened but has started on the right side. Mine feels more like nerve pain and is worse if I sit down to long, I put it down to the muscles stiffening up. When I saw a physio before I was diagnosed she told me to bring my legs up to my chest as Catwoman suggests and that always helps. The other thing she told me to do is lay on my back and roll my knees from side to side only moving from the waist down. That normally works for me but perhaps it is a different type of pain as mine is constant rather than coming and going. Hope you can get rid of it somehow, really miserable that type of pain.