Back Ache

Hi, I’ll try and keep it short.

I’m suffering from a backache when I’m doing things around the house where I have to stand up. I can only stand up for a few minutes before I start to ache.

Does anyone know what might help me with this? Any advice you can give me that would be great. Thanks! Best wishes, Jo

you would benefit from pilates type exercises which is what neuro physios do.

strengthening your core will help.

your gp could check the mechanical elements such as lumbago etc.

have you been visited by an OT because they gave me a perching stool which is the right height for reaching the work tops.

hope this has been of some help.

Thanks, Carol, It does help. I’ve just purchased a Pilates for beginners DVD which I’m yet to try out.

I will give it a go later on today I think.

Best wishes,


Ive been getting back ache since coming of steroids after a relapse.

I’m also noticing over the last few months, before the relapse that when standing up I find my self slowly falling forwards from my waist up, as if my back cant hold me up straight.