Baby number 2, now or later????

Hi all, I’m 34 and have just had a beautiful baby boy, who is now 5 months and a complete dream and sleeps 12 hours a night. On another note, I have RRMS and take no medication for this, however after my son was born I had another MRI scan, which revealed about 13 new lesions all of which are active. My doctor has asked me to go on a trial drug, but this is for 2 years and I’m not that keen, so I decided to go on DMTs ( copaxo???) but I really want another child. Is it best to wait a year or start trying again now, before I start any drugs? Even though the lesions are active I seem to be doing pretty well and only really suffering from numbness down my left side, balance issues and a heavy head ( feels really fuzzy sometimes), but I do feel that I’m sitting on a time bomb now the results are in. I am very lucky to have a wonderful husband who has and is supportive in every way, but I know he is worried if we decide to try for another baby now. Any ideas??

hi poppy

congratulations on your darling baby.

have you been given any information and advice on the dmts and pregnancy?

i should imagine that if one dmt is better during pregnancy then this would be your choice.

would your ms nurse be able to talk you through your options?

whatever you decide i wish you all the best

love carole x

Hi Carole, Many thanks for your reply. I have an appointment with my ms nurse on Wednesday so will talk to her then about the different DMTs and if there are any that are safe during pregnancy. Thanks for your advice Poppy x x


you cant take dmd’s while pregnant as they don’t know what effect it would have on the baby. Sorry. x

You can go on them after the birth though as long as you are not breast feeding.

Congratulations on the new baby and all the best for no.2. x

Congratulations on your lovely baby boy! Teresa xx