B12 injections, how often?

Hi All,

I gave B12 injections every 12 weeks, can you tell how often you have yours?




Every three weeks and by coincidence I have one tomorrow.


Thanks Ronin,

Any particular reason, if you don’t mind me asking. I want to reduce the time between mine.


Same as you.


i used to have them every 4 weeks.

i’ve now got a B12 oral spray.

carole x

Hey all. I have mine every 10 weeks. My neurologist said no sooner as your body will rely on the top up and before long you’d need them daily. I know when I need mine as I start to feel rundown. Hope this is of help :slight_smile:

Every four weeks Jayne.

Thank you all

I was dx with ms 16 years ago. Now secondary progressive. I have never been offered B12 injections although I did ask neuro about having them a couple of years ago and he said there’s no evidence that they were effective.

How can I go about getting B12 injections your neuro thinks that they are a waste of time and refuses to let me have them?

My GP told me that they were only offered to pwms who are on DMD’s!!! - So l use the B12 drops - take 5,000mcg daily.

lts worth doing some research yourself. google - ‘Could it be B12 - an Epidemic of Misdiagnosis’. And lots more about B12 and MS.

l use Natures Bounty Sublingual B12 - from amazon. Along with all the B vits. Biotin B7 - B Complex - Thiamine and Niacinamide. B Vits are water-soluble - so you just pee out what you do not absorb.

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