B12 jabs

Hi all l have B12 jabs every eight weeks and l know when they are due as l am feeling run down.

Just wanted too know how often you have them and do you feel run down when due, l am going to ask nurse if l can have them more often Regards Jan xx

Hi Jan: Why are you on Vit B injections ? B12… isnt that Thamine Or Cynocabalamine ? I have them as tablets due to alcohol reducing my levels (my own fault). Have you had your Vit B levels tested? Ive never heard of a Vit B injection before. Healthy food has all the B12 you need, not an 8 week annoying injection :slight_smile:

Hi Dave l have b12 injections as l have Pernicious anaemia if l eat foods it is pasted through and l don t absorb any of it so have to have the jabs my gp tests my b12 twice a year so does ms nurse they do help with the numb fingers.

Thanks for the input regards Janx

Hi Jan

I have just started to have B12 injections. I have had one every other day for the past two weeks and will be having them every six weeks going forward. Although I don’t have Pernicious anaemia I too for some reason don’t absorb this vitamin from food. I have yet to start to feel better as I am still overwhelmed with the fatigue, but I have heard that the most people say that for the best results you would need them every four to six weeks. I will let you know if I find out anything else.

Oh is it just me or does it sting when it goes into the muscle [or am I just a wimp]

Helen x

Hi Helen. Yes it does sting when it goes in and a little time after, my nurse told me that its doing me good if it stings. I started to have them every other day at the start for a week then every 8 weeks 4 years ago, now 6 weeks there is a lady at ms drop in has them every week. I had to have a exter one just before a Opp on hand to help with the healing. Yes let me know how you get on with them. Best wishes take care Jan xx