Avonex users I need your help !

hi there, I wonder if any fellow avonex users can help me.

this sounds really stupid but here goes…

i use the avonex pre filled pen and have a question. When you press the blue trigger button to activate the injection, it says you must hold for 10 seconds, do you keep your thumb on the blue button for 10 seconds ? That’s what I’ve been doing but I’m now scared in case that’s the wrong thing to do. The reason I ask if because my side effects aren’t too bad and I’m scared incase I’ve been doing something wrong and not getting my full dose. I’ve only been on this drug for 7 weeks.


Hi, once you have pressed the blue button that’s it you don’t need to keep it pressed, don’t think you have done any harm tho… gd luck…

Thank you for replying, I’m just paranoid ! My symptoms haven’t been too bad so maybe I’m just lucky thank god !