Avonex Pen troubles :(

Hi, I started using the Avonex pen in February. For about six weeks, I injected myself with no problems. Then something changed… Since May time, I have had a strange psychological block that prevents me from pressing that blue button. I don’t know what changed. My life is the same as it was before, I didn’t have a bad experience with the pen. I just stopped being able to do it. Some weeks, I manage fine. Other weeks I can’t bring myself to do it at all. Some weeks I spend up to four hours stressing and trying to press the button before I do it. It’s resulted in me having panic attacks most weeks and is putting a massive strain on my relationship. My husband is supportive of me, but feels helpless because he can’t sort the problem out for me. I think if I knew why I have an issue, I could work on tackling it. But the problem is, I know my phobia is irrational. I’m fully aware of all the reasons for injecting, and aware of the consequences if I don’t. I guess what I’m asking is if anyone else has experienced similar problems. If so, what did you do to overcome it? I’m considering hypnotherapy/counselling, but before I spend hundreds of pounds on that, thought I’d see if anyone has any other ideas? Thank you in advance. Em xx

Hi Emma I don’t post on this site to often, probably only made about 5 replies ! Iv been using avonex since I was told I had MS since 2010. I had the same problems that you are experiencing. When I first started using avonex I used the needle which was in my eyes quiet long! It was attached to an injector. Like you I started using it and then couldn’t press the button. Decided to do it manually by hand. Got used to doing that way and then about a year ago they brought the injector pen out which I assume you are using. I changed to this and even though you don’t see the needle and is small I couldn’t press the button. Like you it’s psychological. They way I over came it was getting my wife to press the button. At first I was a bit nervous about it, however its no problem now and is over in seconds. Hope this helps. Just get your hubby to do. If not I’m sure you can get your local nurse at the health centre to do it. Hope this helps

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I apologise for bringing up a zombie thread but I’ve been having the same issues as the OP for months now.

Hi Emma

I recognise this - I found it sometimes really hard to press the button. When you started on Avonex, did a nurse from the manufacturer visit you to show you how to use the pen? Perhaps you could contact them again. I am sure they will have come across this before and have some ideas.

There are other more modern, tablet based, DMDs which might be worth considering. I had a bad time on Avonex and switched to Tecfidera. Might be worth discussing options with your MS nurse.

Good luck with it

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Hi emma, i have been on the avonex pen now for 5 yrs, and i know that feeling! i can go weeks without a problem and then for no reason i cant press the button, i now cheat a little by pushing the bottom section of the pen up as to release the safety i find this helps, also my ms nurse mentioned that there is a new two weekly pen out, might give us a weeks break!!! best of luck. Tony.

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