Available to good home.

Not sure if this type of post is allowed.

Due to an elderly relative being moved into permanent care, we need to terminate the council home that they lived in and therefore remove the contents.

We have available a single electric adjustable bed, this bed is approx 2 years old and has barely been used and is in excellant condition.

We are not asking for any payment for this item but feel a small donation to our local MS Society branch would suffice.

Unfortunately we are unable to get the item to you, so you must collect it yourselves. The bed is currently located in South east London.

As of this time I am unsure of the make or dimensions of the bed.

If anybody is interested please send me a message via this site.

You have found a very good use for this site,BRAVO. I was eyeing up a bed similar to what you have described in a shop near me recently and the owner proudly told me it was £1500 new and reckoned at £350 it was a snip.