Automatic folding scooter Choice of 3

Hi I’ve been researching automatic folding scooters and have narrowed it down to 3 in my budget.

a) The iGlide Autofolding
b) The Kymco F Lite
c)The eDrive Auto fold

I would really welcome anyone’s experience of using these scooters.

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No specific help, but I would not buy anything like this without a trial.

I saw the perfect folder just after diagnosis and managed to see it before I actually wanted one. It was great until I sat on it and found it was too small for me!
I have a folding boot scooter. Problem is it doesn’t fit the boot of the next hybrid version of our car!

Paying a bit more and receiving good advice is probably cheaper in the long run than ending up with something you don’t use.

Other approach is to buy second hand and expect to buy a new battery as a try out.

Good luck and enjoy.

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Thanks for advice. Know what you mean about the hybrids reducing boot space as it ruled out a number of cars for me too! best of luck

i bought a break down scooter for travel, and a folding all terrain wheelchair for going out. it drives well on grass too, and folds up like a pushchair. i can use it in doors as well.

BUT with the folding scooters a lady in my last complex had one, and it was small she was pratically hanging over the seat. So i would try before you buy.

Thanks for taking time to respond. Very helpful. Enjoy your day.

A good subject to raise. I’m considering getting one at some point as my walking range has dropped considerably over the past 2-3 years. Hired one at Goodwood Festival of Speed for £30 and for me it made the event possible: it’s not just the distance between sit-downs but the uneven ground makes things much harder.

I believe in people power! Am a member of a sports car forum and have participated in “group buys” for parts and negotiated stonking discounts on multiple orders. Perhaps we should consider similar tactics here? Don’t even need to be buying the same model but a block of 5 or 10 scooters would have dealers falling over themselves to offer discounts…

Who else is interested in a scooter?

Update: today I bought an electric folding wheelchair which seemed a better fit than a scooter. Worth trying both types of device - my preconception was that a scooter would be more suitable.

Was in a town that had a scooter shop. Checked out a much advertised travel scooter and found my legs were too big for it (and no other suitable). My boot scooter is XL for length not weight.

Yes, trying before you buy is definitely best option and ideally where you will be using if if not simply in shopping centres. Thanks for respo

Hi was you able to try this wheelchair before purchasing?



I like your idea of multi buying. I would consider it. Please keep me informed.

Actually, no I didn’t. My wife was on a cruise last week and said the ship was full of people using mobility kit. She canvassed a few: It seemed (as a generalisation) that the elderly used the scooters and younger people were using the electric wheelchairs. I managed to buy 2nd hand the exact model that someone recommended to her and I went with that.

Sorry Crystal, I broke ranks and bought one second-hand.