advice on folding mobility scooters

Hi everyone, looking for advice on folding mobility scooters.
Saw a good 3 wheeler, Moving life ATTO folding, which seems to fit my needs for travelling. the thing I’m concerned about is the stability of it with 3 wheels. Has anyone got one? and any advice would be great. Many thanks in advance.

Do you definitely want a scooter?

That’s what I started out looking for but ended up with an electric wheelchair. The chair still folds and stows in the boot of a car but is more compact because you don’t have the pedestal / handlebars in front of you. Scooter might be right for you but don’t discount the alternative.

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Work out how you will use it. If you are going to use it over rough ground, I would be cautious over a three wheeler. Many people end up with more than one!
Treat it like buying a car. What suits one person will not suit another. i would not buy one i had not trialled. Severeral look great in the advert, but do not work when you try it out (too small for my legs, too bulky to lift, dont fit the car, too big for the train). Get some experience at National Trust property or shopability. Go to a dealer you can trust selling a range of different models.



I have no knowledge of the “Moving life ATTO” product, but I do have opinions on scooter types based upon my own experience. I prefer 4 wheelers because of the stability. I have a sturdy rugged off roader which is brilliant, but this is not much good on pavements or in shops. For that I have a “pseudo” 3 wheeler by which I mean there are two wheels at the front, but they are very close together, so the buggy turns on a sixpence but feels more stable than a “proper” 3 wheeler. I think you should work out the essential aspects you need in a buggy, whether it be weight, foldability or battery life etc then find a shop that will advise and let you try stuff out. Good luck in your endeavours.

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No idea where you live but there are still opportunities to go to the ‘big event’… Harrogate and Edinburgh are the next dates. I went to the one in Birmingham (May). You can try out different scooters and power chairs very useful.

Just to add if you can’t go, some suppliers will come to you or let you try in their showroom before you buy.

Think about your most uncomfortable pair of shoes, the same with buying a scooter get it wrong and like an ill fitting pair of shoes uncomfortable with no return. Downside unlike shoes, scooters are somewhat more expensive.


If it is in the same family as mine it has a speed control function that the sharper you turn the slower it goes. The freedom in the front wheels good on rough ground. My main concern is that I feel tentative with camber but presume it would be worse with three wheels. Narrow track is good for transportation and squeezing through gaps but not for camber. No perfect scooter but there are duff ones that can’t go out on the rain!

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My little scoota is far more capable than it should be. I can use it on some tracks in the new forest. I dislike the feelin when on a camber but so far it has never put me in trouble

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Thanks so much for your reply, definitely worth thinking about.

Thanks for your reply, great to hear your happy with your scoota, I’m getting closer to a decision now, your replies have really helped, xxx

Hi Mogace, thanks for your scooter advice, making my decision a little easier,