I’m going through a bad relapse at the moment. When i met with my ms nurse she said she had concerns about my attitude. At the time i never thought to challenge her but it seems i am too happy for her. I do not suffer from depression, i’m not sad and i don’t feel sorry for myself. Why can’t she just accept my attitude, I’m a happy person, glass full kind of attitude. I’m just frustrated cos there is some things i can’t do. .

I am dreading going to see her at my next appointment. I feel she never listens to what i say and she has no sense of humour.

Sorry but i just wanted to have a rant.

Rant away, that’s one of the reasons this site is here. Maybe your nurse is concerned that you’re not taking things seriously? I don’t think that you’re not being serious enough - I also have a tendency to find humour in unfortunate situations and have to watch myself - when I start giggling, it’s difficult to stop! I think that a positive attitude makes the world of difference, especially when dealing with other people. Try not to let this get you down, your nurse maybe has issues of her own.

Luisa x

Thank you Luisa, I do take it serious but I don’t let it get me down. I’ve told her we are looking at moving as the house is not suitable when my legs decide not to work properly.

:slight_smile: xx

I’m a positive, happy person with the most a awful sense of humour and tend to laugh at things that most people don’t. Having said that ok we’ve got MS but that doesn’t stop us taking it seriously or even laughing at the antics we get up to. If your nurse thinks you don’t take it seriously then it sounds as though she is just looking at the MS and not you. I suppose you should feel sorry for her if she puts us all in one little box. The unhappy box!!

You keep positive and show her and take care. Remember she probably has no idea how it really feels. Good luck. Janet

She sounds a bit rubbish. I think it’s great that you are happy. Me too mostly. My ms nurse - well good thing is she phones me monthly - but is she interested or let me talk?- no wants me off phone ASAP - however she is useful if I need something. However if I wanted her to listen to me I would challenge her that she wasn’t listening and make her Hugs Min xx

She’s probably read somewhere that people who mask their distress by putting on a super-happy public face are heading for psychological trouble, and has translated that in her own mind into, ‘If someone with MS looks happy, this is why, and it is my job to tell them to stop being happy at once, because they’re supposed to be sad.’

Look, psychology is obviously not this poor woman’s strong suit. Laugh it off - she’s just being not very bright.



Can I just say my GP has the best attitude. One of the others in the practice is all sympathy, tissues and support groups which I hate (present company excepted). When i am struggling my GP makes statements like’ i am not surprised you are p**ed off, it’s a sht thing to have and I would feel the same’ When I am positive he acknowledges it. When I have practical problems he offers useful advice. For example having difficulty opening wine bottles is best solved by buying it in boxes! His MS experiences are limited but takes the time to look things up and suggests things to ask the MS nurse or neuro about…that however is another story!

This did make me smile. Your GP sounds wonderful!




what is it with people!!! they want us to just go to bed forever and say “i have ms, my life is over”. we are the ones with it so why can’t people accept that we are coping with it best we can!! I am a glass half full person, have weed myself, fallen over etc etc but the only choice is to get on with it!!

and don’t get me started on the way i get glared at by ‘old’ people when i use my blue badge. They obviously think you only get disabled when you are 90!!!

rant rant rant rant!!!


Maybe your nurse is just afraid you are pretending to be “ok” with your condition and when nobodies around you keep looking for the best way to end it?

I think anybody in a job talking to permanently ill people has the threat of suicide victims family and news papers questioning if they really did their job properly. It’s possible she knew a person who was all relaxed and happy and they found a way to end it and so now she can’t accept that some people are ok about it.

I appreciate it’s frustrating and you just want to smack people who don’t listen, I really do, I feel the same way sometimes, but I’d rather ask them why they don’t believe me than go on being irritated by them. :wink:

You just cant win with medicos sometimes; dammed if you do dammed if you dont. Just came upon this as a supposed medical condition : ‘La Belle Indifference’

At just theright moment, say to her “You are the expert but I am the user.”

Are you younger,more attractive or more intelligent than her?



Good for you, keep laughing.

Some people struggle to understand how we MSrs could be happy.

I’m simmilar to yourself and try and see the funny side of things.

She sounds a misery but the appointments arn’t that long.

Can you take someone with you, friend/partner whose more intune with your sense of humour.

Some people are never happy unless they are unhappy ( hope you get what I mean ).

I’m a morning person, very noisy and singing ( can’t sing so mostly it’s my version ).

My lady was telling some friend what I’m like in a morning, the consensous was they would probably do me a mischive if I was around them.

Why do you have to be misserable we are all ill but you have two choises misserable or happy

Keep on smilling, you have MS but it dosn’t have you.


Imagine she’s naked - I find that usually does the trick when people are annoying me :slight_smile:

Hi, nowt wrong at all wi being cheerful. Im like that meself most of the time.

luv Pollx